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Self Hypnosis Training
One Session – Three Hours

Some common goals of self hypnosis: Relieve test anxiety? Reduce stress? Stop smoking? Improve concentration ? Relieve insomnia? Improve self-esteem? Improve athletic performance? Enhance creativity?

Learn to access the power of your subconscious mind to completely relax, to imprint your subconscious mind with positive messages, and write effective suggestions.

Stress Reduction
One Session – Three Hours

Learn Tools and techniques to lessen the impact stress has on your life. We include a hypnosis session which will allow you to gain information about your stress, allow you to practice the techniques you have learned and program your subconscious mind with positive suggestions. Some of these “quick fixes” can be used anywhere.

Self Esteem
Two Sessions – Three Hours Each

One of the easiest issues to resolve with the power of the subconscious mind. Permanently improve your self-esteem through the use of trance, written exercises, visualization and affirmations.

Learn to Love Yourself
Two Sessions – Three Hours Each

Break through resistance to self love. Learn tools for self love in a safe, supportive environment. The course is primarily experiential.

The Power of Self
Five Sessions – Three Hours Each

This is a course designed for your own power within for making amazing changes in many areas of your life. You will learn how to gain control of yourself as you discover how to address those things in your life that you no longer want such as unnecessary stress, addictive cravings, relationship issues, fears & phobias, pain and other physical challenges. In addition, you will learn how to bring in those advantages that you desire, such as achieving business, career, creativity and personal goals. The objective is for you to remove or release any blocks to your accomplishing what you want for your life. You will be given exercises, tools and techniques for doing all this.

There are three phases for the course:

The first phase focuses on SELF-ESTEEM. You will learn to permanently improve your self-esteem through the use of trance, written exercises, visualization and affirmations.

The second phase centers on STRESS REDUCTION. You will learn to lessen the impact stress has on your life. You will learn some “quick fixes” that can be used anywhere.

The third phase involves “THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES” TM (EFT). With these amazing and simple techniques you will be able to release excess emotional charge on past memories. You will be able to make changes in most areas of your life. The techniques are nothing short of miraculous!

The first and second phases will make use of relaxation and hypnosis techniques for accessing the subconscious mind leading to the changes you desire.

Dowsing Human Energy Fields
Two Sessions – Three Hours Each

Apply dowsing rods for assessing human energy fields and chakras. Release blocks to having the most appropriate levels for personal achievements and well-being. Use the same techniques for assessments of emotional issues and addressing them. Extend the technique to removing unwanted thoughts and promoting strong and powerful frames of mind. This technique blends perfectly with other healing methods such as hypnotherapy and is nothing short of miraculous! You can create amazing changes for yourself and your clients such as: addictive cravings, relationship issues, business, career and creative blocks, fears, phobias, pain, physical challenges and weight issues. This is an introductory course.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques
Two Sessions – Three Hours Each

The Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM (EFT) releases the excess emotional charge on past memories. It works by tapping various acupuncture points while saying specific words. This technique is nothing short of miraculous! You can create amazing changes in these areas and many more; addictive cravings, relationship issues, fears & phobias, pain and other physical challenges, business, career & creative blocks.

The National Guild of Hypnotist Certification

Typical Course Content for Hypnosis Certification

  • 100 hours of participation
  • Usually involves four or five week-ends for classes and extensive homework
  • Includes Basic (Level I) and Advanced Level (Level II) Training
  • Course Highlights:
  • Characterization of Hypnosis
  • History of Hypnosis
  • Addressing Myths of Hypnosis
  • The Mind – Conscious and Sub-Conscious
  • Methodology of Working with the Two Aspects of the Mind
  • Generalized Applications
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Induction and Awakening Techniques
  • Significance of Trance Depth
  • Trance Deepening Methods
  • Use of suggestions
  • How to Write Suggestions
  • Mechanical Aids
  • Ideomotor Response Techniques
  • Specific Programs for Addressing challenges such as :Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Stress

Hypnosis Certification Management

  • The Self Hypnosis Process and How to Teach It
  • Advanced Induction Techniques
  • NGH Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Elements of a Session with a Client
  • Session Augmenting Techniques Such as Past Life Regression, EFT, SRT, Marcel Vogel Crystal Work
  • Marketing and Business Strategies
  • Telephone Interviewing of Clients and Pre-take
  • Award of NGH Certified Hypnotist certificate
  • More Applications – Overcoming Fears, Elimination of Insomnia and Improving Memory, Athletic Performance,
  • Academic Performance and Public Speaking
  • And much, much, more

Bonus Features Practice Startup – You will learn how to:

  • Develop your business strategy and plan
  • Protect your business with the proper insurance
  • Address liability concerns
  • Set up your accounting system
  • Procure essential office materials and equipment Write effective ads
  • Produce and market hypnosis CDs
  • Format appropriate business forms
  • Market yourself with effective ads , brochures and flyers

Practice Teaching Hypnosis

You will have the opportunity to practice with established hypnotists in the area as well as with clients who volunteer for this training. An extensive net work of participants from the community will be used.

Included in the cost of the training are all course materials, Level I and Level II training manuals, handouts, Certification of Completion, and your first year’s membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists.