Simple Shifts in Your Mind

Many of you are former students of mine from some of the courses and workshops that I have taught or led. Some of you have been my clients over the years. Lots of you are very close friends going back many years. All of you share two things in common – you believe in personal development and maintaining a healthy state of being. I have discussed many times in the past my returning to you with additional trainings for your betterment and I have always attempted to make myself available for discussions on the things that I do and for answering any questions you may have on all of this. I also think that there are many of you who would like to share with each other relative to the subjects I am associated with. I now feel that it is time to address all of these points through my Blog.

For a quick start I want to focus on some of the things some of you have told me that you would like to have follow up activity on. Many of you said that you would like to see courses or workshops on releasing stress, building self-esteem, loving yourself and sleeping more peacefully at night. Others of you have expressed an interest in advanced dowsing of human energy fields (SRT) methods including manifesting the things you want in life. Many of you who did past life exploration work with me expressed an interest in follow on activities such as going to other realms. I know that many of you are interested in what Vortex Healing, Ultra-Height Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness are about and have loads of questions on these subjects. I am so excited about telling you all that I know. I will use your input for structuring my new and follow on courses and workshops.

It is also my intention to review some fundamentals of the techniques associated with those used  in my practice as well as new and emerging developments in these areas. I want you to be as highly informed as possible.