Hypnosis Testimonials – Dr. John Carter

R.S., Poughquaq, NY

“When I first met John, there was something intriguing about him that made me want to talk to him. He had a very gentle manner and was very intelligent. I discovered that he had a gift of healing and made an appointment with him. John has helped me identify and clear blocks, promoted clarity for decision making, and taught me how to clear my energy fields. I left my appointment feeling clear, peaceful and confident. I would definitely recommend John’s services to those who are stuck in moving forward in their lives.”
~ L.N., Albany, NY

“John, as you remember, I was a wreck when I first came to you. I was always tense and anxious at work and really wanted to scream my head off. When I came home, I used to curl up on the floor and just wish someone would come and take me away. I was taking lots of two kinds of medication. Since you began working with me, I have ceased taking all medications. I am calmer and no longer anxious and my mood swings have sub-sided. I am now very stable and in control of myself.
John thank you so much for what you have done for me. Your work has been a real blessing for me.”
~ P.S., Wappingers, NY

“John, since coming to you, I have lost 30 pounds and the weight is still coming off. I feel great!! And everyone is telling me how wonderful I look. Funny thing is, I am now enjoying my food and eating less. I am not so sure I knew what taste meant before; I just gobbled it down. Listening to you on the CDs you gave me from my sessions has certainly helped in keeping me on track. I listen to your voice all the time. I am so grateful. Thanks so much.”
~ P.J., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Finally, I have eliminated all those things from my diet that I don’t need. What a difference. I look great! I feel great! Thanks ever so much.”
~ C.T., Delmar, NY

“I really didn’t like myself and for that matter nobody else either. I had terrible mood swings and was very irritable. No one wanted me around and that is the reason I was never able to hold a job. Now, since working with you I feel much better about myself and life in general. I know I still have a way to go, but, I am slowly getting there. I am now finding myself more stable, less irritable, more amiable and more considerate of others. I have held onto my current job much longer than I can remember holding onto one. Thank you for coming into my life and helping me.”
~ T.Y., Poughkeepsie, NY

“He is the best! I tried for many years to stop smoking and finally after seeing him, have not desired or smoked since. I smoked 3 1/2 packs a day for 46 years.”
~ G.M., Poughkeepsie, NY

“I am a diabetic and had this uncontrollable addiction to eating pastries. I went to John and after one session I never turned to pastries again. Thank you, John.”
~ S.S., Washingtonville, NY

“Prior to seeing John I had struggled with chronic depression for at least five years. At times it was very debilitating. Through John’s unique blend of energy healing techniques and intuitive guidance I have been happier and lighter and can say that my depression has lifted. A typical session would leave me feeling energized and optimistic. I would highly recommend John and his specialized treatment to anyone on the path to healing”
~ D.G., Schenectady, NY

“I was rarely able to get any sleep. In fact, at times, I thought I never got any sleep. How miserable things were. And I was so tired and had no energy whatsoever. You were so wonderful with me. So kind and gentle. So professional. And it worked! I am now sleeping through the night. I am finding myself looking forward to sleeping at bedtime, and falling asleep much more quickly than I used to. Thanks for bringing me peace and rest (SLEEP!). I am so honored to have had your help.”
~ S. P., Newburgh, NY

“I was always a total wreck when I had to present my weekly performance reviews to my superiors. I forgot things. Stammered and stuttered. I could see every one around the conference table cringe whenever I got up to speak. Since working with you, I am a star. You always told me that I had it within me and now I believe it. They now call me “Silver Throat”. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
~ M. K., Fishkill, NY

“I haven’t quit completely. However, I am now down to four cigarettes a day from three packs a day. I smell better. Food tastes better and I am saving money. I’ll get there fully with your continued support. Thanks.”
~ B.T., Rhinebeck, NY

What His Students Say:

“Dr. John you are a wonderful teacher. Your style is so pleasant and enjoyable. You explain things so well. I have to admit that when I came into your class, I was afraid of hypnosis. You removed all of my fears and made the experience such a wonderful one. I no longer have doubts and I have learned so much. Thank you so much.”
~ L.J., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Dr. Carter, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshops. I purchased your Self Hypnosis, Stress Management and Self Esteem CDs and I have gained so much. I enjoy listening to your voice on the CDs. I am relaxed and certainly have brought changes into my life. I have learned so much from you. Because of the way you bring your years of experience to not only your clients but also your students in such an easy manner, all of us can only succeed in doing the things we want to do. I want to thank you and let you know that I have already experienced so much progress in the areas I am working on.”
~ C.W., Rhinebeck, NY

“This course was beyond all my expectations. It is invaluable. I got more than my money’s worth!”
~ Y.W., Newburgh, NY

“Great job! This was one of the most wonderful and enjoyable educational experiences of my entire schooling. I want more.”
~ N.F., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Just Amazing! Who would have thought hypnosis was so exciting and helpful?”
~ A.D., Poughkeepsie, NY

“One of the peak experiences of my life! You are truly a talented teacher. I came away a changed person! “
~ E.H., Beacon, NY

“I continued using your CD with the Self Hypnosis method that you taught us. It was awesome! After six months I have lost 60 pounds! 60 pounds! Wow!! Thank you so much. You are wonderful. You are great.”
~ K.L., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Still not smoking after three weeks. Must be the self hypnosis and the CD. Thanks.”
~ Q.B., Marlboro, NY

“Take the class. Don’t hesitate signing up another moment. Do it now! The class is more than just learning hypnosis techniques – it’s a life changing experience. Sure changed mine. I am now doing things I thought I would never do.”
~ L.B., Poughquaq, NY

“I now feel so much better about myself. A month ago I could not look at myself in the mirror. I now do that with ease. Your workshop on self-esteem is so vital. I hope you extend it to the many people out there who need it. Thanks.”
~ F. C., Germantown, NY

“Thank you! Thank you! This training on stress management had a positive impact on me both professionally and personally. I now so much calmer and the people around me feel it. My subordinates are gravitating so much more to me. This means so much to me. This experience is invaluable. You are amazing. Thank you so much.”
~ H.G., Wappingers, NY