If I had a magic wand, I would wave it over you and change all of the things that you dislike about yourself and your life and change you into a most glorious person feeling balanced and centered and thriving at a high level of well-being. However, I just can’t do that. I just don’t have such a wand. However, we can have you bring about this transformation to your desired state with my help using a wonderful tool called hypnosis. This tool is not magic. It is safe and pleasant and has been around for centuries. It is a natural and very simple human process. You have experienced it many, many times on your own.

I have been using hypnosis for over forty years. It has helped me stop smoking, curb my eating of certain foods, overcome my fears of public speaking, rapidly learn new and difficult material and enhancing my creativity. I have helped others to accomplish the same things and even more. I have doing this through my practice for sixteen years.

Hypnosis is good for and I have used it successfully for:

• Eliminating smoking and certain addictions
• Losing excess weight
• Reducing stress
• Controlling anger
• Eliminating insomnia
• Managing acute and chronic pain
• Recovering from relationship break-ups
• Removing fears of height, flying, public speaking, animals and exam taking
• Achieving success in school, work and sports
• Overcoming sexual problems
• Eliminating Procrastination
• Enhancing Motivation
• Improving memory
• Removing Unwanted habits (nail biting, teeth grinding)
• And best of all, stamping in happiness, Peacefulness, calmness and achieving a good night’s sleep

New Focus

Based on feedback from clients for the past several years and reviews of trends for services, I have re-oriented my efforts to include dedicated programs for:
1. Alzheimer’s Support
2. Caregivers’ Support
3. Personal Growth and Development
4. Stress Management
5. Public Speaking
6. Performance Enhancements for Sports
7. Performance Enhancements for Exam Preparations
8. Insomnia
9. Enhanced Vitality

My Programs

Achieving Success in School
Achieving Success at Work
Achieving Success in Sports and Recreational Activities
Affirming the Self
Experiencing and Maintaining Total Relaxation
Reducing Tensions to Nuisances
Eliminating Insomnia
Alleviating Unwarranted Fears
Dealing with Problems in Living
Living with Vitality!!
Enhancing Creativity
Care-Giver Support
Addressing Impulse Control and Habit Problems
Managing Pain
Exploring Past Lives
Journeying into Higher Consciousness